Keeping Conservative Dollars In Conservative Pockets®
MORE than just our tagline – it’s what we DO!

Why the American Spirit MARKETPLACE and Why join NOW?
Because Conservatism Believes America is Inherently GOOD, but…

Conservative voices are being silenced
Conservative businesses are being vilified
Conservative groups are being marginalized
Conservative values and principles are being mocked


  • We believe America truly is Exceptional and that principles of Conservatism paved the way for our Exceptionalism – beginning with the Founders and continuing throughout our history…we do not need our history erased or cancelled because those who do not learn from the transgressions of their past are doomed to repeat them in the future!
  • We are concerned that America and the idea of American Exceptionalism is slipping away, right in front of our eyes and more to the point, we believe Conservatism is currently under attack and has been for many years.
  • We believe there is an escalating battle raging between the ideologies of Liberalism and Conservatism and we fear Conservatism may be losing this battle.
  • We believe Liberalism is at the root of most things that ail America especially considering the Liberal tenets of identity politics and perpetual victim-hood which actually hold us back from achieving even more Exceptional results for our society.
  • We believe it will be principles of Conservatism that will help America get straightened out and on the road to recovery because we believe the very SPIRIT of America has been hurt. Frustrations are growing, especially among those who KNOW in their minds and hearts, beyond the shadow of any doubt, that they are part of the solution. We are not part of the problem.
  • We are convinced that most of us feel the same way but we just aren’t quite sure what we can do to “make a difference.” We also believe there is something simple but very powerful each of us can do that helps us reinvigorate the very SPIRIT of America starting right within our own communities.
  • We believe the greatest “weapon” available to us in the battle against Liberalism is Capitalism and the American Free Enterprise system!  Our free markets were established on Conservative principles producing the greatest economy in the history of the world and for some reason this makes America “bad” among other things felt by “the Left!”
  • The very essence and driving force of the American Spirit MARKETPLACE revolves around a very simple but profound concept of Keeping Conservative Dollars in Conservative Pockets®.NO, we are not talking about boycotting anyone. We are not occupying anything. We are not attacking anybody.  We are not utilizing the negative, non-productive, Liberal tactics of “the Left.” We ARE encouraging fellow Conservatives to join us so we can support each other in the areas of commerce, employment, business-networking, education, idea-sharing and more.
  • The American Spirit MARKETPLACE is a great place for Conservatives to join together so our combined grass-roots effort can help each other in our local communities as well as all across America.


American Spirit MARKETPLACE