We have TWO opportunities for Patriotic Conservatives who join with us from all walks-of-life to actually “DO SOMETHING” that makes a real difference in the daily lives of fellow Conservatives in their local communities from sea-to-shining-sea!

How many Conservative Businesses and Conservative Consumers do you know?
Patriotic Conservatives need to WORK together!!

1) Become a PATRIOT AFFILIATE! Help us GROW and get paid! Put in as much time as you desire! Every single time a Conservative Business or Consumer JOINS the American Spirit MARKETPLACE using your unique AFFILIATE link you will be rewarded for your efforts. If you are interested in learning more (AND EARNING MORE) then drop us a line using the form below.
2) Become a BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT AFFILIATE PROFESSIONAL! If you have the right stuff with B2B / Business Development / Outside Sales skills then we have a SOLID Commission and Residual income opportunity for you.  We have a serious Compensation Plan for those who have the desire to professionally represent the American Spirit MARKETPLACE by calling on Conservative businesses! Complete the form below, send us your Resume’/CV, and let’s get going!


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How much can I earn on a monthly basis as a Business Development Affiliate Professional?
Our Founder/CEO, Kevin Sabbides, wrote the Affiliate compensation plan. The Compensation plan for the Business Development Professional is more aggressive and will be discussed after review of Resume’/CV and signing an “NDA” – Non-disclosure Agreement. There is no ceiling. Earning $70k-$80k in year one and $160k+ in year two (and more in years 3+) is realistic for the right Patriotic Conservative with Business Development / B2B / Outside Sales experience and a passion to work with fellow Conservatives!

Q. What does it cost to join the Affiliate Program?

To be an Affiliate, one must be either a Consumer or Business member. Consumer Membership is $60 annually. Business Membership is either $30, $60, or $90 monthly (save 10% when paid annually). There are no membership contracts. As an aside, we originally offered “6 months deferred” and stopped for 2 reasons – 1) 80% paid because they wanted to SUPPORT this Conservative platform, and 2) We know there has to be a “paywall” to keep the TROLLS out – for example, you didn’t pay for a digital subscription to the New York Slimes to read an article sent to you, did you? Plus – every single dollar we earn goes toward growing this platform! No BS! Plus, the Consumer membership is basically the same cost as a monthly cup of fancy coffee and the Business memberships are very affordable as well!

Q. When do I receive my Affiliate funds?

We payout every month during the last week of the month. There are no minimum payout limits. We process payouts (via submissions) during the last week of the month.

Q. How can I promote the American Spirit Movement?

When you join as a member you receive a unique Affiliate link. You already know who we are and what we are doing so spread the word however you feel is MOST EFFECTIVE and be sure to attach your unique Affiliate link to EVERYTHING digital and print. Email everyone and anyone you believe will join and attach your link. Add an Affiliate button to your website. Fellow Patriotic Conservatives WANT to help so get your link out there! You may be a community leader or networker with a circle of influence – let’s build something special – together.

Q. How does the American Spirit Movement track Affiliate sales and activity?

Your unique Affiliate link is your ID. You have an Affiliate Dashboard you can visit to monitor your activity. When a new member joins using your link – we will know this and so will you.

Q. Does the American Spirit Movement do anything “stupid” with any member’s information?

NO! We have said it countless times – the American Spirit Movement has never and will never sell anyone’s information – NEVER!

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