“Keeping Conservative Dollars in Conservative Pockets!”

WELCOME to the American Spirit MARKETPLACE – Conservative Business Networking!

When you join the American Spirit MARKETPLACE there are 3 digital membership platforms to choose from. Each of them is very affordable. When you choose the Premium level package you also receive a FULL membership within the “American Spirit MARKETPLACE – Conservative Business Networking”. We do in-person Conservative Business Networking – better! We currently have teams in SW and Central Florida and want to add more (see below).

Let’s face it – when times are “good” you want your networks established and you should ALWAYS be building your Conservative business network BUT when the “bad” times come, you are going to NEED your Conservative business networks!


Conservative Call-to-Action…

  You are invited to join us with the “American Spirit MARKETPLACE – Conservative Business Networking” if you are a fellow Patriotic Conservative business owner or representative! We are resolved to “Keeping Conservative Dollars in Conservative Pockets!”™. We are supporting each other in the areas of Commerce, Employment, Business-networking, Education, and Idea-sharing. Conservative business owners or representatives come together weekly with professionally structured in-person networking to support each other by doing business among ourselves as a team and more importantly by referring each other’s products and services within our extended Conservative circles!

  There is no better time than now to assemble and get to know, like, and trust your fellow Conservative businesses throughout SW Florida. We vet our members. We ONLY allow fellow Conservatives to join! YOU can be a part of something new, exciting, and purposeful – and help us grow throughout SW Florida and other markets. You will be forging relationships with like-minded people who share the same Red, White, and Blue Patriotic principles you share as well as your business interests.

  We have a structured and purposeful Meeting Agenda. We incorporate Conservatism, Business Topics, and Teamwork into our time together. YES – we intend to add more locations and have everything we need (except you) BUT this is our start. Don’t wait for others to build this for you – JOIN with us and let’s build this TOGETHER with a vision toward many teams in many markets.


     Here are a few key points of interest regarding the American Spirit MARKETPLACE – Conservative Business Networking:

  • We invite Conservative-owned / managed businesses to attend our in-person networking and learn more about who we are, what we’re doing, and WHY.
  • We are also interested to hear from professionals who feel they possess the skill-set to facilitate and grow NEW teams within their local hometown markets. This is a great opportunity for the team leads to enhance their business while facilitating ASM – Conservative Business Networking!
  • We believe it is very important to support each other during the GOOD times. We believe it is CRITICALLY important to support each other during the bad times!
  • We believe there is no better time than NOW to establish your Conservative networks “today” so we can build a better “tomorrow” for like-minded supporters!


I’m interested – tell me more…

    I'm Interested - tell me more...




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