“Keeping Conservative Dollars in Conservative Pockets!”

WELCOME to the American Spirit MARKETPLACE – Conservative Business Networking!

     We must be committed to putting our money where our mouth is! You actually have TWO votes in America. Your first and most important vote is always at the ballot box. No matter how disenfranchised we may become – we MUST show up and we must vote for Patriotic, Conservative, America-first candidates. Your very powerful and impactful SECOND vote is at the cash register supporting LOCAL, Conservative-owned businesses.

     When you join the American Spirit MARKETPLACE there are 3 digital membership platforms to choose from. Each of them is very affordable. When you choose the Premium level package you also receive a FULL membership within the “American Spirit MARKETPLACE – Conservative Business Networking”. Let’s face it – when times are “good” you want your networks established and you should ALWAYS be building your Conservative business network BUT when the “bad” times come, you are going to NEED your Conservative business networks! 

     We are currently forming in-person ASM Conservative Business Networking teams within Lee, Collier, and Palm Beach Counties, Florida. There are other counties coming online such as Hillsborough County, Fl. and Cumberland County, NC. We NEED Business Development Professionals as well as Networking Team Leaders.

     We are excited to offer Patriotic Conservatives opportunities to represent the American Spirit MARKETPLACE as Business Development Professionals with a solid commission AND residual compensation plan. This individual would also lead the business networking team/s in their area as well!

     We are also offering busy professionals (who have “the right stuff”) an opportunity to facilitate structured, purposeful, and engaging “American Spirit MARKETPLACE – Conservative Business Networking” meetings as they establish, lead, and GROW in-person networking teams of LOCAL Conservative business owners / representatives. ONLY fellow Patriotic Conservative businesses are invited to join.


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