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Why We Can No Longer Ignore History. We Must Accept The Truth Before Us – TODAY!
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What I am about to share with you may seem like giving up on the notion of “unity” within America BUT I think there’s an amazing opportunity ahead of us once we accept the fact that we must become absolutely divided and then become as united as we were when we declared our Independence from a tyrannical King when we boldly proclaimed our Declaration of Independence in the famous document which bares the same name.


America was quite literally Founded as a very bold idea that we could incorporate some of the very best “ideas” the world had to offer with regard to the governance of a society within the framework of Liberty while guided by the hand of God.


Our Founders laid out this framework by painstakingly studying the very best work offered by some of history’s greatest thinkers and leaders with regard to the form of Government America should adopt, the rule of law her citizens should abide by, and by far the most idealistic endeavor ever undertaken – what inalienable Rights could be defined and established as non-negotiable, or even better as resolute for all time.


Our Founders also warned us of the greatest danger we could ever experience that would threaten everything we worked hard for and even died for. They warned us of Factions. Washington (contextually) mentioned the “Spirit of the Republic, Spirit of America, etc.” in a cautious tone. Hamilton and Madison also spoke of and wrote specifically of Factions in Federalists 9 and 10 respectively.


Our Founders were keenly aware the very genesis of the formation of our Republic was very much the same exact thing that could tear us apart. This new Nation known as the (u)nited States of America was born from Factions.


Fast-forward to where we are “today” and I am here to tell you that it is impossible for us to be united in the Spirit of the Republic, in the Spirit of Republicanism, in the Spirit of 1776, in the American Spirit that once was capable of bringing together a great undertaking.


Our Founders warned that a 2-party system was problematic. We were warned about a minority Faction utilizing tactics that would undermine, unravel, and upend every great institution that made America – America.


America has reached the tipping-point where our society has no choice but to become divided very much in the same spirit of pre-1776 America. The minority Faction known “today” as The Left has cemented within our great society a level of division and social discourse rooted within societal deviancy and perversions that have completely rendered “The Left” completely incompatible with our Republic.


It is NOT possible for the ideologies of Liberalism and Conservatism to “coexist” or blend within our society. The ideals, desires, and deeply-held values and principles of Liberals and Conservatives are too far apart to have common-ground. The modern-era “informed” Liberal who votes for activist Democrat lawmakers who aspire to some vision of “fundamental transformation” for a New Democratic-Socialist America IS the very problem within America with regard to Factious behavior. The greatest threat against our Republic is the collective of informed, activated, morally credentialed, self-righteous Liberals taking action to pull at and even unravel every Red, White, and Blue thread of the America the Patriotic Conservative loves and wishes to pass along to future generations.


These words are not hyperbolic in nature. We were warned. But the question remains; what can we do? What do we do? What MUST we do?


There are TWO things “we the people” must do. We must utilize the great power of our “2-votes”. Our first powerful vote is at the ballot box for the candidates we believe will help deliver policy most reflective of our Conservative values, principles, our deeply-held beliefs. Our SECOND vote is with our wallets “Keeping Conservative Dollars in Conservative Pockets!”.


When I Founded the American Spirit Movement I had a very clear Mission and Vision which both were deeply-rooted within the context of Factions as our Founders forewarned. Many years ago I came to the realization America cannot unite. Our lines of division are drawn. The (minority) Faction of Leftism is entirely incompatible with a Constitutional Republic – but – I really don’t have to tell you this, do I? You already know this.


Join with fellow Patriotic Conservatives wherever you can. Do not be afraid to “lose” friends who are Liberal because you fear speaking your thoughts on matters they will disagree with. Engage in new relationships with those who share the same affinity you have for the love of America!


IF you wish to learn more about the many ways the American Spirit Movement is working to help unite fellow Patriotic Conservatives feel free to visit our website. We have several ways to get involved to absolutely “make a difference” within your life as well as those you care about.


Here are a few things we can do together:


1) You can join us and pursue a lucrative endeavor as a Business Development Professional within your local marketplace. You would be developing your area of responsibility by calling on Conservative small-businesses and enrolling them into our American Spirit MARKETPLACE. We own the servers and manage them as well. We never sell our members’ data. Private. Secure. Login credentials needed.


2) You can establish, launch, and grow American Spirit Movement “Chapters” within your local community. These Conservative Chapters are NOT “Republican Club” type meetings. We incorporate our “Conservative ABCs” into our Meeting Agenda with

A – America First topics
B – Business with Conservatives
C – Constitutional Conservatism


3) You can join as an AFFILIATE MEMBER and for every Conservative Business and Consumer who join as your referral you would earn both a commissioned income as well as residuals.


Together we are stronger. With greater numbers we have strength. Conservatives and Conservatism in general operates within “silos” and we lack any real “connective tissue” that could bind us together in meaningful ways.


Until now…


Seek out fellow Patriotic Conservatives. IF you find our Vision and Mission agreeable then let’s support each other in Commerce, Employment, Business-networking, Education, and Idea-sharing.


Thanks for reading. It’s a bold endeavor. We’re “Keeping Conservative Dollars in Conservative Pockets!” and some have even said we’re DEFUNDING LIBERALISM but no matter what, we must come to the same conclusion that we are NOT the problem within America; the very loud, very disruptive, very destructive Leftist FACTION within America has no intention of slowing down their march toward “Democratic Socialism”.


Let’s work together.


ANNUIT COEPTIS and Godspeed!


Kevin Sabbides – Founder/CEO
American Spirit Movement, LLC
American Spirit MARKETPLACE

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