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What we can Do TODAY To “Make a Difference” In Our Lives, For Our Loved Ones, And Our Local Communities
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Fellow Patriot Conservatives:

The following is not hyperbole. No matter where you are RIGHT NOW or what you are doing RIGHT NOW, there are ultimately 2 things that EACH of us must focus on today, and for every passing day to “save our Constitutional Republic” from Leftists. These things aren’t extreme. There is no occupying, no picketing, no rioting, no burning down buildings, or anything of the like we’ve witnessed from an unhinged American Left. These 2 things simply require each of us doing the SAME things that add up to the eventual yet absolute destruction of the American Left that is the enemy within America our Founders, and so many others have warned us about…


Two things we MUST do to destroy Leftism –
The Solution!

1) WE need to always show up and vote. We must never sit one out because we are busy, mad, disenfranchised, or don’t have our “perfect candidate”. When we do not vote we are allowing Democrats to win. Cheating or no cheating. There are verifiably MORE of “us” than “them”. If you do not vote, then you are helping the Left – WIN! We must vote for the most viable Conservative Republican candidates we believe will blunt Democrat lawmakers’ votes while also moving forward and safeguarding Patriotic, Conservative, America-first policies, and values! We must be mindful that these candidates cannot be subjected to “purity tests” that are too often impossible to pass BUT they MUST work and vote to eradicate Leftism with each opportunity afforded them. We know for a FACT the American Left will put anybody and “anything” into office that will work tirelessly and enthusiastically vote to DESTROY America, vote-by-vote, cut-by-cut, while making people like YOU and me increasingly irrelevant with each passing day. These preceding statements are FACT.


2) WE need to use the power of our hard-earned Conservative dollars and ALWAYS seek out local small businesses where and when possible so we are “Keeping Conservative Dollars in Conservative Pockets!”. Indeed, it is important to be mindful to not spend money with Leftist companies BUT simply focusing on “boycotting” is not enough, plus, it’s negative energy where we could be far more productive focusing on WHO to support and WHY! Supporting local, Conservative-owned businesses with your dollar keeps money away from Leftists who vote for and finance Leftists while also helping support Conservative businesses, their families, their children, their interests, their hobbies, passions, and Faith with tithing, and their impact throughout YOUR local community. These preceding statements are also FACT.


Where are we “today”? – Oh, “I feel your pain”!

Like you, with each passing day, my patience wanes. My frustrations grow. My resolve is tested. Each. Passing. Day. I am 54 years old. I can vividly recall the innocence of my early years as well as my growth through various phases of my life. I can also vividly recall that no matter how “bad” things were from time-to-time within America, we were NEVER having to fight the evil that was spawned decades ago and has grown, no, metastasized into the monster that exists “today”.


My parents have both passed on and I can appreciate they must have felt like they were “protecting” me and my 2 younger brothers from the perils of the day, while we were young, much the same way I “protected” my kids who are now 31 and 28. With the passing of decades, the difference “today” is that the monster has expanded its focus beyond finances, religion, and politics. The American Left has its sights set on hijacking the innocence our youth while installing evil themes and other sinister, deviant perversions into their developing minds which result in emotional and physical dysfunction that is then celebrated then preyed upon by these same Leftists.


This evil monster IS the Faction within America we’ve come to know as “the Left”. The head of this monster is the Democrat Party and the body is comprised of every single informed and activated voter who votes for Democrat lawmakers they believe and hope will fundamentally transform “our America” into their myopic vision of a Democratic Socialist nation-state with a society that celebrates deviant perversions from what a healthy, free, Constitutional Republic “is” and should be.


Several of our Founders spoke of and even wrote into history their concerns of (minority) Factions and their intent and ability to unravel every Red, White, and Blue thread of the America past generations fought and died for in order to establish a more perfect Union so each future generation would have the opportunity AND OBLIGATION to pass along a well-cared for, exceptional America – if they cared to. If we dare to.


We need to know Who and What stands in our way!

This Faction of anti-America and anti-American (domestic) Leftists includes:

1) The body politic and collective of the Democrat Party – local to national
2) Each “informed” voter who votes for Democrat lawmakers
3) Leftist activists who take to the streets or take up the pen/keyboard
4) Corporations of all sizes who contribute $1 to Millions to fund Leftist “causes”
5) Social Media platforms providing in-kind or material contributions to Leftist causes
6) Corporate Media who provide cover for Leftists and deploy the “ignore” tactic
7) Wealthy Leftist philanthropists who fund Leftists and their causes
8) Government-run and subsidized educational institutions – especially universities
9) Institutionalized / establishment type Republicans who will NOT cast critical and decisive votes their Democrat counterparts NEVER hesitate to cast to move their agenda/s forward


Why is the Left winning? YES – they are indeed winning!

1) See the 9 items outlined above –  We did not get here “overnight” but rather taking many decades from the 30s forward to 2008 with the election of Barack Obama who provided the accelerant for Leftism to coalesce around the vision of “Fundamental Transformation” for America to transition away from a Constitutional Republic to become some version of a Democratic Socialist nation-state where the Left would eventually marginalize and even cancel altogether any perceived or real threat against their mission.


2) Being Liberal takes less work, it’s easier, and simply more fun – Isn’t it better to believe that anyone, everyone, can have anything and everything they want and if they can’t, then someone, somewhere, will “make” someone with more give it to them so that everyone can magically feel better and if someone resists, then just label them with an “-ist” or “-obia” until those you champion get what you want for them that makes you feel better, about yourself! And, if a Liberal can’t make you do something legislatively, or by shaming, or guilting you, then they are so self-righteous, and morally superior, they will endeavor to simply “cancel” you through any means possible as outlined above. PLUS, it’s safer to be Liberal. Nobody circles the wagons like Liberals. No school of fish moves quite like the Leftists swimming in one direction. It’s just easier to be Liberal. Liberals get more mileage from their brand of crazy and their activism compared to Conservatives. Being a Liberal is often like joining a club, or perhaps even a cult, where their members often project upon society individual and collective dysfunctions they know are not conducive to an otherwise healthy society, but they can feel better when they know more and more can identify with these dysfunctions and perhaps even join them within their dysfunctional, and even unhealthy behaviors. Being Liberal is a maturation process where much “damage” is done early in youth then subsequent years of getting things right ensue. Recovering Liberals who make the migration to the right can become some of the best examples to save the youth – from themselves, their professors, their friends, etc. There’s a saying often mistakenly attributed to Winston Churchill – “If you are young and Conservative, you do not have a heart; but if you are old and Liberal then you do not have a brain!”. It’s just easier and more fun to be Liberal.


3) The Left does not operate by the same rules or boundaries we impose upon ourselves – The Left wins even when in the minority from our state houses to the White House, from the halls of Congress to the Supreme Court. Yes, they will stack the court. Yes, they will continue to weaponize federal agencies against “us”. Yes, they will continue to win, even when in the minority, because they don’t play by our rules, and they count on that.


4) The American Left has come together as never before – They have built the machine needed to completely dismantle the America you and I love, cherish, and wish to pass along to future generations. The Left will not, and has not shown mercy, nor patience in their mission. They have everything and everyone in place to finally snuff out Lady Liberty. They will not stop until they have what they want.


5) Conservatives, and Conservatism in general, operate within silos! The American Left is winning for every reason above PLUS the simple fact that Patriotic Conservatives cannot find enough common ground to build our own coalition with an esprit de corps that can defeat American Leftism. WHY? Because we operate within Conservative silos. We also confuse effort with results. When Conservatives go to 3,4, or even 6 meetings/events monthly – what has been accomplished? Do you think Liberals go to monthly meetings to gripe about us, or “their people” not towing the line for them. No, they do not. When was the last time you saw the same numbers of Liberals posting their favorite event along with a picture with their favorite Leftist hero? Now, there’s nothing wrong with attending events, galas, dinners, etc. BUT please know these efforts do not have the desired results we otherwise need to defeat Leftism. We need to come together on TWO fronts to defeat American Leftism.


How do we win? Our mission is clear. We have TWO Patriotic obligations to carry out!

1) Vote at your ballot box! We need to show up at every election and we need to vote every single time, no matter what it takes, to put into office from dogcatcher to POTUS, the best representative we can. Your “less than perfect” candidate is better than the Democrat who will vote PERFECTLY, every single time, against you and what you want for America.


2) Vote with your wallets at LOCAL Conservative cash registers where we are “Keeping Conservative Dollars in Conservative Pockets!”. Do not feel like you’ve accomplished much by boycotting – these massive woke corporations will be fine without you. Focus every Conservative dollar on supporting LOCAL Conservative-owned businesses.


IF millions upon millions of fellow Patriotic Conservatives executed on these TWO initiatives, then we would completely destroy the evil of the American Left and along the way they may, God willing, see the error of their ways. IF the Leftist cannot change despite having a healthier society, a more robust economy, a lethal Military, along with enduring freedoms, then at least their influences upon our way of life will be seriously diminished. It will take years. It will not be easy. It will be worth it. Future generations will read the history books we write today.


I do not profess to have all of the answers BUT I am committed to the American Spirit Movement and our American Spirit MARKETPLACE!

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